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DecentLand is a social network protocol built on the Arweave's Permaweb

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What is a Tribus?

A Tribus is a DAO's wrapper with extended social-networking functionalities. The Tribus is equivalent to a "subreddit" in web2.0 terms.

The Tribus is based on the Community Ownership Economy model. Therefore, the activity over the Tribus, beside creating a social experience, it re-enforce its corresponding DAO's tokenomics.


  • PublicSquare

    The PublicSquare Tribus is inspired by the Proposal of Arweave's Founder, Sam Williams for a "data protocol for an unbiased public square". Any user with an Arweave wallet can post in the PS Tribus without any DAO's restriction.

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  • Usernames as Assets

    DecentLand team brings a new usernames system based on scarcity. Usernames are are mintable, transferable, and tradable assets. The username's owner has full access over the username's ownership.

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  • Posts as NFTS

    Each post, in any Tribus represents a new minted NFT token. In other words, the user's posts under DecentLand data protcol are NFT tokens (PSTs).

    The posts creates a new door in NFT industry for tradable plain/text assets.

Project's Paper

To learn more about the keyfeatures, protocol's base layer, tokenomics, and how DecentLand protocol is built, have time reading the project's paper.